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Mind your Brain provides brain injury rehabilitation as well as support for cognitive aging. Heike, Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) and Rehabilitation Professional (RRP) @ Mind your Brain provides cognitive and associated counselling services to people who experience difficulties due to acquired brain injury (e.g. brain tumor, traumatic brain injury) or as a consequence of chemotherapy, and Learning disability (as appropriate). Services include cognitive rehabilitation and counselling (adjusting to life/ coping with brain injury). Heike @ Mind your Brain also provides services to support people who EITHER experience cognitive decline (e.g. memory difficulties) as result of age-related mild cognitive impairment (MCI) OR who would like to prevent cognitive decline by actively keeping their brain healthy. Services will be targeted to a client's needs.

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Mild TBI is a common injury, oftentimes labelled as concussion, which is rather a clinical syndrome.

Dr. Lara Boyd on how neuroplasticity gives you the power to shape the brain you want.

Can my leisure activities protect my cognitive function? Reducing the risk of dementia!

What is flooding (information processing overload) following brain injury and how to address it

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Cognitive Rehabilitation / Brain injury counselling CAD $ 120.00

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@Mind_your_Brain Oct 21, 16:31

Dualistic thinking has informed our understandings since the historical times (i.e., including Aristotle, Plato),... https://t.co/DDrZtjYOlp

@Mind_your_Brain Oct 07, 17:04

Last post in today's series on cognitive aging, this article addresses the ethical dilemma that arises when... https://t.co/3boQyuW4mZ

@Mind_your_Brain Oct 07, 16:55

This study focuses on internet resources that emphasized audience members’ personal responsibility for managing... https://t.co/JYh54qCVhi

@Mind_your_Brain Oct 07, 16:33

Subjective cognitive decline can be suggestive of later objective cognitive decline. However, many factors can... https://t.co/diMAh3XYho

@Mind_your_Brain Sep 30, 16:55

In addition to the previous article on caregivers' burden, I am posting an article on the changes that can be... https://t.co/88FmFoEuZJ

@Mind_your_Brain Sep 30, 16:33

Much research is done in the population of traumatic brain injury. However, caregivers' needs are largely... https://t.co/nufmWXz2cU

@Mind_your_Brain Sep 24, 18:17

And here is a resource page for healthy cognitive aging from the National Institute on Aging: https://t.co/IbIh02Hy85

@Mind_your_Brain Sep 24, 18:11

Fatigue following traumatic brain injury is an long-lasting symptom that has not received sufficient attention in... https://t.co/zK6XZSuMmI

@Mind_your_Brain Sep 16, 16:42

A 2017 article on the: "Neuroplastic Changes Induced by Cognitive Rehabilitation in Traumatic Brain Injury: A... https://t.co/aeHJbqccRo

@Mind_your_Brain Sep 09, 18:34

And here is a link to a chapter of the 2018 book: https://t.co/HG2C7JLSwX

@Mind_your_Brain Sep 09, 18:21

This 2017 article provides info on the building blocks of higher/ complex cognitive functions, and thus suggests... https://t.co/C25XStFrqx

@Mind_your_Brain Sep 03, 23:39

Contrary to the usual info on physical activity and cognitive decline, this study suggests that physical activity... https://t.co/XsvOocNtLJ

@Mind_your_Brain Aug 19, 19:28

As suggested in the previous post, here is the 2017 open access article of the Cochrane reviews protocol,... https://t.co/pk3SSJeENy

@Mind_your_Brain Aug 19, 19:18

Here is an Opinion statement that I find rather worrying given its oversimplification. While I agree that PTSD... https://t.co/4NgBuptEhY

@Mind_your_Brain Aug 12, 16:56

One of the unresolved questions in the TBI literature relates to the risk of dementia following TBI. Here is a... https://t.co/roBc5yr04Z

@Mind_your_Brain Aug 05, 15:35

Speaking about successful aging, there is a need for a social revolution in residential care (see article of same... https://t.co/V3dbXxd2BZ

@Mind_your_Brain Aug 05, 15:24

Here is 2017 article on Neuroimaging in aging: brain maintenance: https://t.co/EsE4gbEOSS

@Mind_your_Brain Aug 05, 15:15

I am often asked by clients to provide dietary advise, and I have posted a number of articles and posts regarding... https://t.co/bNlaBoJ6ZP

@Mind_your_Brain Jul 25, 04:32

Last post for today, also from the University of Exeter, UK: suggesting that One in three cases of dementia could... https://t.co/FG0GM7dSl3

@Mind_your_Brain Jul 25, 04:28

A large-scale trial led by the University of Exeter has found that cognitive rehabilitation leads to people with... https://t.co/GafIF3SjfE

@Mind_your_Brain Jul 25, 04:14

This is an interdisciplinary brain injury program, where I am proud to work- an amazing place, amazing people,... https://t.co/LloBc8MyHE

@Mind_your_Brain Jul 16, 16:18

Successful cognitive aging, and some of its mediators (activity, cognitive reserve) are discussed in this full... https://t.co/w9IVNWB0za

@Mind_your_Brain Jul 09, 17:05

The area of cognitive training has been controversial, but is gaining track due the neuroplasticity concept. One... https://t.co/moTmgV75DQ

@Mind_your_Brain Jul 01, 16:24

Now, here is an article, albeit non-peer reviewed, that explains how some brain training works to support... https://t.co/cnzUMITjcQ

@Mind_your_Brain Jun 27, 15:58

Interestingly, this review suggests that there was insufficient evidence to conclude that cognitive... https://t.co/55vgIFIwJ5

@Mind_your_Brain Jun 19, 15:21

This 2017 article: "Rehabilitation goal setting with community dwelling adults with acquired brain injury: a... https://t.co/OO11bgHN8e

@Mind_your_Brain Jun 19, 15:06

This 2017 article provides a nice framework for structuring goal setting interventions in Acquired Brain Injury: https://t.co/0gCEPltFkP

@Mind_your_Brain Jun 10, 17:07

As age-related cognitive decline is on many people's mind, here is a new full-text post (2017 article) on... https://t.co/uhIWHSkYFL

@Mind_your_Brain Apr 29, 15:37

You can now download the Mind your Brain app at: https://t.co/FPxia2X4Dx

@Mind_your_Brain Apr 01, 15:41

To add to the info from the previous post that omega=3 acids alone do not assist in preventing cognitive decline... https://t.co/NXgOHLAmp4